Inside the Mind of an Acquirer: Understanding the Potential Buyers of your Business

Like bungee jumping, getting married, or hiking the Grand Canyon, selling your business is something you’re likely only going to do once in your life. There’s no practice tee and no batting cage, so it’s worth doing a little planning beforehand.  

In this eBook, you’ll get inside the mind of an acquirer.  

By understanding the motivations, the business models, and how each type of acquirer invests, you’ll be better equipped to make informed decisions about the future of your business. Whether you’re looking to cash out and retire or sell part of your company and roll the dice with a new investor inside your business, having a clear understanding of your potential acquirer gives you a leg up.  

There’s a range of potential acquirers out there, and each has their own reasons for buying and their own way of doing things. 

An individual investor is often looking to buy a job. They may want the lifestyle benefits of owning a business and often have no plans to sell it.  

Private equity groups can be mercenary acquirers.  

Strategic acquirers are looking to make their business more valuable. They may not care about your business.  

In addition to these traditional buyers, we’re seeing new types of acquirers emerging, essentially remixing their best (and worst) qualities. 

Selling your company is quite the journey. It’s a mix of excitement, a bit of the unknown, and loads of potential. Just like gearing up for any adventure, selling your business takes some thinking and prep work. Getting a handle on who might be interested in buying and how they do things can really help make the whole selling process a lot smoother. 

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